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What are the best supplements to avoid getting sick?

•  Simple D-3

Simple D-3 helps to support a proper immune response in the body. Healthy prostate, colon and breast tissues are also supported by vitamin D. Vitamins D and K in Simple D-3 (“ “) work as a team. Increasing the amount of vitamin D via supplementation, in the presence of insufficient levels of vitamin K, can increase the risk of inappropriate calcium deposition in the soft tissue (such as arteries and joints) and can have a negative effect on blood vessel elasticity.

•  Simple Immune Support

Simple Immune Support – The herbs, mushrooms, and natural compounds, in Simple Immune Support have been shown to support proper immune functions such as natural killer (NK) cell activity, cytokine synthesis, and expression, as well as the T- and B-cell mediated responses necessary for a strong immune defense. Research suggests that the bioactive constituents from these compounds show significant improvements in conditions such as influenza, respiratory tract infections, cancer prevention, and various viral and bacterial infections.

•  Simple Zinc

Simple Zinc – Zinc is involved in virtually every aspect of the immune response. Adequate levels are essential for the healthy functioning of every cell in the body. The beneficial effects of zinc are extensive because this mineral is the body’s most abundant intracellular (i.e., inside the cells) trace element and at least 200 zinc-dependent enzymes have been identified.

What is the best combination of supplements to avoid getting sick?

•  The Simple Immune Boost Kit

This pack has been specially formulated with all ingredients necessary to avoid getting sick. Take all 3 for a power-packed punch to any potential bacteria/virus from affecting your body!

How often should I be taking each product in the Simple Immune Boost Kit?

•  Simple D-3

1 capsule per day/night

•  Simple Immune Support

1 ml as needed for an added immune system boost

•  Simple Zinc

1 lozenge per day

Why should I take Simple D-3 compared to other Vitamin D-3 supplements out there?

•  Simple D-3​ has both K-1 and K-2 which are proven to help the vitamin D-3 actually absorb into your bones. Without K-1 (‘ ‘)and K-2 (‘ ‘), the D-3(‘ ‘) can build up in your arteries and kidneys and cause problems in the long run.

How do Top Function supplements compare to others in the market?

Top Function supplements are committed to delivering only the ones you need at the highest quality you deserve. Our products undergo GMP-certified manufacturing, rigorous product testing, meticulous raw nutrient selection, have science-based formulas built on extensive clinical experience and contain only the ingredients you need. The quality of these products are only used by health care practitioners, as you will NOT find these at your local GNC, Whole Foods, CVS, Costco or any retailer.

They are simple formulas. None you don’t need. No extra herbs, fillers, or junk to put an extra burden on your liver. Some vitamins/complexes you may be taking have many other ingredients in them you don’t need and that are actually harming your body! Many other companies use so many ingredients in their products as a marketing scheme to make their products “look” better, when “more ingredients” DOES NOT mean “better”. It actually will cause your body more harm than good, because of all the extra work your liver must do to filter them through your body! Also, the other ingredients may be counteracting the effectiveness of the main ingredient you want! Simple and the best ingredients will allow your body to perform at its best! More details can be found here.

When should I expect to receive my Top Function products?

Standard Shipping is 3-5 days.
Expedited Shipping is 1-2 days.

Which Simple Immune Boost products can be used for children?

•  The Simple Immune Boost Kit and Simple Zinc can be used for children.

•  Simple Immune Support - For children 12 or younger, It is recommended to take ½ of a dropper per day as needed.

•  Simple Zinc - For children 12 or younger, it is recommended to take ½ of a lozenge per day or every other day as needed.

What general immune-boosting tips do you have that I can do in addition to taking the Simple Immune Boost kit?

•  Check out the blog post here – 8 Tips to Boost Your Immune System

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